Providing an array of Islamic services to the community, The Malton Islamic Centre facilitates the 5 daily prayers & Jummah Weekly. Additionally, facilities and services for Nikkah (Wedding), Funerals (Janaaza), family and personal counseling and other services are available.

Daily Prayers

Open from Fajr to Isha

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Friday Prayers. The Azaan is called at 1:10 PM. There is only one Jumma prayer.

Nikkah (Wedding)

Imaam Shabir Haniff is a licensed marriage officer. Please contact for reservations.

Janaaza (Funeral)

The Centre is partnered with a local masjid and can assist with all aspects of an Islamic Funeral and Burial.

Family and Personal Counselling

Please contact the Centre for assistance.

Special Services

Additional services are offered during the Month of Ramadaan, iktikaf, and educational services for Hajj and Umrah are offered.

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