No Jumma Assy
Until Further Notice
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Programs & Events

Lifelong learning - Education is provided at every age level on Sunday at the Islamic Center.

The Center is a multi-purpose hall servicing the community with Daily Prayers, Nikkah (Wedding), Janaaza (Funeral), Dinners and more. Please contact the Masjid for more info.


The Masjid is accepting donations thorough your Canadian Bank. e-Transfer's to
Use the optional notes to indicate whether your donation is for Zakaat, Sadakat or Feed the Street and include your address.


January 14 2021:  Make your Donations to the Masjid through your Canadian Bank e-transfer to 

Use the optional notes to indicate whether your donation is for Zakaat, Sadakat, or Feed the Street and include your address.

January 14 2021:  As of Monday, November 23rd. 2020, The Masjid will be limited to a maximum of 10 individuals at any one time. Congregation for Salatul Jummah will be cancelled until further notice. Masks and prayer mat is mandatory.

Congregation outside the mosque is also limited to a maximum of 10 individuals.


November 8: 2020  As of Monday, November 9th, 2020, The Masjid will allow 50 Individuals for prayer. Once this number is reached, the doors will be closed. 

To enter the Masjid, you must have a  Mask, prayer mat, and bag for shoes.

The washrooms and Wudu areas will be closed. 

Reminder; If you are feeling sick, have flu-like symptoms, or have been traveling or visiting others please do not visit the Masjid.


October 29th. 2020: Birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of

Allah be upon Him. (Send Darood and Salaams to our beloved Prophet)

August 19 2020: Islamic New Year. 1st. Muharram 1422 will be on August 20th. 2020.

Fasting on the 10th. of Muharram (Aashura), 29th of August is greatly rewarded.

Masjid Prayer Times February 2021
1st - 10th

Fajr        6:30 AM

Zuhr      1:00 PM

Asr        4:00 PM

Magrib    Sunset

Isha      7:00 PM

11th - 20th

Fajr        6:20 AM

Zuhr      1:00 PM

Asr        4:15 PM

Magrib    Sunset

Isha      7:15 PM

21st - 28th.

Fajr        6:00 AM

Zuhr      1:00 PM

Asr        4:30 PM

Magrib    Sunset

Isha      7:30 PM

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Community Involvement

Community Involvement