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Malton Islamic Centre
 Welcomes you


Programs & Events

Lifelong learning - Education is provided at every age level on Sunday at the Islamic Center.

The Center is a multi-purpose hall servicing the community with Daily Prayers, Nikkah (Wedding), Janaaza (Funeral), Dinners and more. Please contact the Masjid for more info.


The Masjid is accepting donations thorough your Canadian Bank. e-Transfer's to
Use the optional notes to indicate whether your donation is for Zakaat, Sadakat or Feed the Street and include your address.













April 28 2023 -  Dinner: Malton Islamic Centre will hold the first of there 2 annual dinners for the year on Saturday May 13 2023 at 5.00pm. Please join us.


April 18 2023 -  Eidul Fitr will be observed on Friday April 21st 2023.

Eid Takbeer will commence at 8.30 am and the Salaah will commence at 9.00am

There is only one prayer. Please come out with the entire family.

February 3rd 2023 -  Seminar on Saturday February 11th. on how to perform the Ghusul on a deceased, and prepare it for burial. A practical demonstration will be done.

Time after Salatul Maghrib


January 5th 2023 - Two Seminars on Wills & Inheritance will be held at thw Malton Islamic Centre On January 14th and January 21st. After Salatul Maghrib.


November 13th, 2022 - At the AGM held on November 13th 2022, the Board of directors were unanimously returned for five years. 

President Shiraz Haniff

Vise President : Rayman Dukhi

Secretary: Shabir Haniff

Treasurer: Nadir Rayman

Asst Sect/Treas: Zilpha Mohamed.

September 8th, 2022 - The Islamic school at Malton Islamic Centre will resume on Sunday October 2nd. 2022.

Classes starts at 11.00am and finishes at 1.45pm

Contact Sr. Bibi at 647 968 1040 for registration.

December 1st, 2021:  Make your Donations to the Masjid through your Canadian Bank e-transfer to 

Use the optional notes to indicate whether your donation is for Zakaat, Sadakat, or Feed the Street. Please include your address. 

Masjid Prayer Times May 2023

            Fajr        5.00 AM            
Zuhr      1:30 PM
Asr        6.30 PM
Magrib    Sunset
Isha      10.00 PM

1st. - 10 th
11th - 20th

Fajr        4.45 AM
Zuhr      1.30 PM
Asr        6.30 PM
Magrib    Sunset
Isha      10.15PM

21st - 31st.

Fajr        4.30 AM
Zuhr      1.30 PM
Asr        6.40 PM
Magrib    Sunset
Isha       10.30 PM

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